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  • Bad Raven: Balance lead extensions are pence from China, I bought bulk. I also cut the old balance plugs with lead off and if I get a broken plug body I just solder a new one lead to lead, can extend at the same time.
    Today at 14:17:22
  • Reman: Bajadre, With reference to balance leads, I bought a cheap JST XH crimper, plus a shed load of male/female plugs and pins a while back. It's amazing how many times that lots come in handy. Not just for repairing battery packs, But for things like adding quick release plugs to wiring harnesses so you can do things like pop gimbels on and off camera drones quickly, Or add plugs to the cables of hardwired components so you don't have to desolder them when you need to get them out of the way in a rebuild, And making charging extension leads so you can get the battery right into a Li-Po safe bag and away from the expensive charger. They're well worth adding to the toolbox..... The other day I only spent about 5 minutes hunting for my 4S charging lead before giving up and making a new one. If I didn't have the crimping kit I'd probabbly still be looking. :)
    Today at 14:00:55
  • hoverfly: Not unusual Reman, they just cant be ar$ed to deliversome if they get behind schedule.. Yesterday i had a delivery by Herpies,  got a sms telling me when they were going to deliver, then rang the door bell and knocked. The parcel was intact and damage free.  Not sure what is going on.... :hmm:
    Today at 13:23:11
  • Bad Raven: Where is it broken?
    Today at 13:22:29
  • hoverfly: If you cut them off make sure  you insulate the ends. :smiley:
    Today at 13:18:42
  • Bajadre: Quick question guys is it ok to snip off a broken balance lead and not run it i know i wouldnt be able to balance charge it again but would the pack be ok ? its a 3s 5500mah which the lead got dragged along the floor on sundays bahs :(
    Today at 12:44:55
  • Reman: About an hour ago I had the Yodel tracking system tell me that I wasn't in...... That's f*ckin' news to me !!!!!
    Today at 10:17:20
  • Reman: Like I said, In the past I've had a handful of packs "Go off" at me like fireworks after bad crashes (Usually with RC helis), So it's hard to get that image out of your head while stripping down Li-Po's. :)
    January 21, 2019, 11:22:54
  • shawdreamer: the horror stories will always incite worry when messing about with Lipo's but its the same as everything else when working on electronics alike, alsong as your careful and methodical there's very little to panic about, I regularly recycle 4s's with a single dead cell into usable 3s packs, end of the days its alot more economical, safer and enviro friendly than having to bin them....just a pain that the dead cell is NEVER one of the outer cells so you always end up having to strip a good cell off to get at the bad cell before putting it back afterwards, its like dropping toast, it'll always land buttered side down and inevitably covered in pet fur :angry:
    January 21, 2019, 00:11:16
  • Reman: Just did the one electrical job that still scares me. I dismantled some Lipo's with knacked cells and built usable packs out of the good cells. I've had packs go "VOOOOOOSH" at me in the past so I'm always slightly scared of having bare lipo contacts anywhere near what I'm working on, But all appears to have gone well and one of them is currently doing a charge/discharge cycle to make sure nothings a miss. :)
    January 20, 2019, 22:28:43
  • Reman: My original Dremel Pro made it to 14 years of heavy weekend use (And abuse) before it crocked. Dismantled that but it turned out to be a "Control module" fault, And Dremel made it ni on impossible to get into that without pooching it completely. :(
    January 20, 2019, 22:17:27
  • ched999uk: BR  ::)
    January 16, 2019, 22:26:54
  • Bad Raven: That's a warrnty claim if ever I heard one....
    January 16, 2019, 20:32:55
  • ched999uk: My 28 year old 12v 35w Weller soldering iron failed  :( I didn't fancy forking out £100 for a new one. Stripped it down and found conductor snapped in cable. 10Mins later all back working great. :smiley: ::) I am very happy!!
    January 16, 2019, 17:23:06
  • shawdreamer: "look up there....its a drone!.....and whats this noise?..... it cant be!....NOOOOOOOO.......OOOOOOOOOOOOOPS I DID IT AGAIN, I PLAYED WITH YOUR HEAR....."
    January 10, 2019, 14:17:24
  • shawdreamer: <starts downloading britney spears albums and preping his large frame to carry a PA system>
    January 10, 2019, 14:15:08
  • Bajadre: defo steveo :) we should get loads of drones together up there so how they handle more that one lol
    January 08, 2019, 19:39:07
  • steveo9007: its all a ploy to get who ever has won the contract for geofencing the airport in, i reckon  ::)
    January 08, 2019, 18:38:26
  • Bajadre: more lies hope they prepped the police staement already lol
    January 08, 2019, 18:27:49
  • Bad Raven: Take Offs resumed
    January 08, 2019, 18:24:45

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FPV Videos / Re: Cold Shoulder - ZeroG gets stuck in a tree ...
« Last post by Andy7 on Today at 14:09:53 »
FPV Videos / Re: Cold Shoulder - ZeroG gets stuck in a tree ...
« Last post by hoverfly on Today at 13:15:51 »
Nice vid .. just goes to show if you don't use the appropriate equipment you get into trouble.  Should have  used  a LANYARD... :smiley:
X-Lite is perfect for small hands (mine are!).  You can use this multi-protocol module:

I think this is the one my flying bud uses with his walkera gear.  Seems to work fine and he gets good range.
FPV Videos / Cold Shoulder - ZeroG gets stuck in a tree ...
« Last post by CornishMule on Today at 11:43:37 »
My record of events from Sunday's session with ZeroG and IrresponsiblePigeon.

Got a few mid-throttle vibes on the Cammy after swapping to BrotherHobby R6s, I'll tune those out.

Hope you enjoy

Micro / Mini Copters / Re: 65mm Brushed Frames
« Last post by Reman on Today at 11:36:46 »
I've got a couple of E010's. One with a beecore F3 and the other runs a tiny brushed F3 that you'd usually see in a carbon framed quad and the smallest FlySky recever I could find. They both run the Chaoli CL-615 motors and TX01 AIO cam. They fly OK for what they are, But they're not exactly "Punchy".

I've also got an E011 (Minus it's silly lego man, But with a micro cmos FPV cam between the front ducts, An Eachine VTX01 and another Beecore F3). This has 716 motors rather than the 615's that the E010 come with. I'm still on the standard motors in that because I've not found any real reason to change them. Even with the FPV kit onboard it has a better climb rate than a non FPVed E010 !

To be honest though, None of these have got a look in since I built a brushless Whoop. It may run cells down a bit quicker, But it also has a nice extra lump of power to help me recovering after a low level flip (So less floor bouncing. :) ).
FWIW I have the t12 plus and I love it.

I previously had the x9d+ with M9 race gimbals on both sides.  With my small hands, this was the perfect setup except for one's just overall too big. Before the x9d I had the devo 7e which I used to fly my micro helis. To me it was the perfect size. The gimbals just started getting really bad at centre stick so I upgraded it to the x9d.

When the T12 was anounced I was sold immediately on the form factor.  I worried about gimbal quality but after flying with the t12 for about a month, it is so good that I sold my x9d  ::)

Now with the T12, I can fit  everything into one small turnigy transmitter bag....this include 3 micros, batteries and goggles.

Yes, Jumper completely dropped the ball with opentx and because of that they will never get the full support from opentx.  Fingers crossed though, they have been quite responsive with their updates, having the latest JumperTX update within days of the recent new opentx release.

build quality is a notch under taranis' radios though but it doesn't feel like a toy and is solid. Mainly the inter face buttons are a bit toy like.  The switches are solid though and it sits in your hand solidly once the batteries are in.

The multi module works well and in fact outputs more wattage than my stock x9d+!

Crossfire works great as is a bit of a pain to have to swap in modules if you have models on protocols other than crossfire since it doesn't have an internal radio

My brother has the x-lite which I had a play with. The gimbals although of good quality have a very short through. I'm a hybrid pincher and I struggled with the x-lite.  I'm sure if I put more packs in I'd eventually get used to it but I didn't like it from the beginning.

In conclusion, it's a great radio for me and ticks all the boxes. The biggest flag is what Coyotte pointed out - the future of this radio depends on some random overseas chinese company.  It's really kind of sad as the hardware is decent.  The way I look at it is, for now, it's working great and I'll enjoy it while it lasts and hope that by the time Jumper loses interest in supporting this model, the growing community can step in and take over the updates.
If your after a small rig then wouldnt it be a bit more convenient to look at the newer style "gamepad like" tx's like the Taranis X-lite or Turnigy evolution, tbf I was pretty sceptical of the budget end Evo being any good when I first bought one but its a joy to use and Ive not touched my other TX's since.
FPV Videos / Re: Pace
« Last post by hoverfly on Today at 09:08:09 »
It was foisted upon me, there was little I could do to stop it!

Lanyard?! - never!

Fair about a t/x  tray...  ::)

Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
Hello All,

Just a little bit more information about T12's OpenTx compatibility.

This radio uses an OpenTX fork (a copy of OpenTx) named JumperTx and adapted for the Jumper T12 hardware.
This means that the T12 is neither supported by the OpenTx Team nor recognized by the OpenTx Companion.
(By the way, it appears that Companion can communicate with the T12 if one use aQx7 profile, but switch mapping ha to be adapted, at least for SF)

This means also that OpenTx updates cannot be applied to the radio. Only JumperTx updates, from the JumperTx team can be applied.

This is an point to take in consideration if one plan to buy a T12 for his "OpenTx compatibility".
Best regards,

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